What is Your School’s Transgender Policy?

What is your school transgender policy? Does it even have a transgender policy? If not, maybe it’s time for parents to insist one is developed.

Pittsburgh Brashear High School has recently implemented a transgender policy that could serve as a model for schools across Pittsburgh, and across the country.
“Even if it’s just one kid, you have to have a policy to make sure that kid’s rights are respected and that kid is safe in school,” said Mr. Browne, a teacher at Pittsburgh Brashear High School and an adviser for the school’s Gay Straight Alliance, to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. 
Brashear’s policies address restrooms, […]

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How to Shut Down Anti-Trans Concern Trolls

Have you met a concern troll? A concern troll is someone who poses as a potential ally, just seeking information, but they are really a critic. An anti-trans concern troll might say something like, “Transgender people often regret…” or “We don’t know the long term effects of puberty blockers on children… .”

It can be difficult to talk to concern trolls because while they are posing as a seeming ally, their actual goal is to undermine your cause. The anti-trans concern troll will find a way bring up reasons why trans people shouldn’t receive health care, or support, or myriad other […]

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Back to School: How Teachers Can Support Your Transgender Students


Back to school season can already be a scary time for parents sending their kids off to a new classroom, new teachers, new environment, but it’s even more nerve wracking for parents of  transgender and gender fluid students.

How will the teacher respond to my child? How will the students? What do I say? When do I say it?

We’ve found this incredibly helpful resource for teachers of transgender students — Schools in Transition: A Guide for Supporting Transgender Students  in K-12 Schools.

This guide is sponsored by the ACLU, Gender Spectrum, The Human Rights Campaign Foundation, the National Center for Lesbian […]

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